Ikan Billy, the aquascaper moniker of Little Ong, is a creative director by day and aquascaper for the rest of his free time. An artist at heart, his aesthetic sensibilities is fused with design theory and his love for nature into a passion for creating under and above water aquatic landscapes. From nano aquatic jars to large aquaponic paludariums, each vessel is an expression of art, science and beauty that harmonizes elements of nature from the substrate to the hardscape, to the plants and living creatures. 

With too many fish and way more plants in tanks big and very small, Ikan Billy has especially developed a love for miniature aquatic planted aquariums in small vessels that sustain themselves without the need for gear such as filters and oxygenators. With the knowledge gleamed from over 5 years of experience, Ikan BIlly is holding workshops to guide others to create such aquajars of wonder too.

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